Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac


Written by Barbara Boltz (see copyright notice, all rights reserverd)
in tribute to the Potomac corgi spirits that sail into our lives

The special corgi spirit
Is the wind that fills our sails.
It takes us on adventures
With fairy dogs that sport no tails.

We find the corgi spirit
On a fast, clean course run,
Supported by a tail wind
That brings such joy and fun.

We applaud the corgi spirit
On a sit, a down, a stay,
Or for a conformatrion win
As gentle breezes sway.

Trade winds guide the corgi spirit
When the herding games begin.
Intense and true desire
Comes so naturally from within.

But when the winds are gale force,
The corgi spirit we must save.
A rescue corgi finds safe harbor
Secure from squalls and waves.

Sea breezes energize the corgis
For the most important job of all,
To share their loving spirit
With families, large and small.

When all the sails are lowered,
And the tides have brought us home,
The dedicated spirit of a corgi
Chimes a welcome tone.

Today, Potomac honors corgis
For hearts so pure and free.
We celebrate their spirits,
And all they let us be.