Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac

December 10, 2023 General Membership Meeting (Zoom) Details Will be Sent to Members Soon
April 19-21, 2023 47th & 48th Independent SPECIALTY SHOW, OBEDIENCE & RALLY TRIALS
Delta Hotel Marriott 245 Shawan Road Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031

Chair: Jen Crivelli,,
(443) 285-3426
Co-Chair: Vicki Trexler,
(757) 477-4770
Obedience Chair: TBA
Rally Chair: TBA

Show Secretary: Rhonda Toren
5474 Delphinium Ct., Columbia, MD 21045. Ph (410) 997-3698.

Judges (Pending AKC Approval)
Sweepstakes ~ Mark Russo (TOWNHILL)
Obedience / Rally ~ Mrs. Cheryl Pratt
Breed ~ Anne Bowes (HERONWAY)-Thursday
Breed ~ Robin Robertson (ANWYL) - Friday

The general membership meeting and presentation of 2022 awards will be held after judging on Thursday at the show site.
June 24, 2023 Annual Match
Site TBD
Deborah Harrold, Match Chair

Judges are Shawn Michael, Conformation, Showmanship; Darcy Babcock, Obedience and Rally.
April 17-19, 2024 49th & 50th Independent Specialty Show, Obedience & Rally Trials

Show Chair: Vicki Trexler

Judges (Pending AKC Approval):
Karen Fruhmann (BRUMBAER) - Sweepstakes
David Guempel (GAYLORD) - Breed (Thursday)
Simon Parsons
      (OREGONIAN/DEAVITTE) - Breed (Friday)

Elizabeth (Tibby) Chase (TINTERN) - Obedience/Rally

April 16-18, 2025 51st & 52nd Independed Specialty Show, Obedience & Rally Trials

Judges (Pending AKC Approval):

Donna Gilbert, MILESTONE - Breed Thursday
Amanda Rees, STADWEN - Breed Friday
Nancy Oehlhof, SPRINGMILL - Sweepstakes
Nancy Withers - Obedience and Rally