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The Tide
2019 Spring cover pictureNewsletter, Spring 2019

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Production of The Tide is truly a team effort.  That team is made up of Dora Carter (Editor), Sherrie Biernacki (Co-editor), Judy Bolin (Features Editor), Penny Ford-Bezdikian (Editor Back Issues), and Assistant Editors: Ann Phillips, Rebecca Ryder, Cecelia Cassidy and Pat Barton. We would also like to recognize contributors Sarah Houle (Public Education), Kathy Hash (Calendar Coordinator), Derry Krause (Res Q Tales) and all of those who submitted photographs as noted in the photo credits as well as Betty Clewis who will keep the printed archive.

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What's Inside?
Page 6, AKC Trick Dog Title
Page 17, Lessons From The Old Dogs

Cover and This Page, Ann Pribyl
Page 2, Cecelia Cassady
Page 7, Sherrie and Doug Biernacki
Page 8, Sherrie and Doug Biernacki
Page 13, Mayflower Specialty
Page 18, Business Card Ads

Upcoming Club Events
Page 5, PWCCP Specialty
Page 10, PWCCP Fun Fair
Page 11, PWCCP Match and Picnic
Page 14, PWCCP Agility Trial

Reports and Columns
Page 4, President’s Message
Page 9, PWCCP Rescue Report
Page 17, Membership Report
Page 16, Tidbits
Page 19, Calendar
Page 22, Advertising Guidelines